This patented water purification technology cleans industrial wastewater from any source at less cost, more efficiently, and more effectively than any other technology on the market. Others rely on filters, chemicals, membranes.

Not Tornadic One-Pass™.

TOP™ is a closed loop mechanical system using a turbulent flow creating micro-droplets of water, a small amount of which carries out solids. This allows for extremely efficient evaporation and re-capture of clean water through condensation. The turbulent flow is a tornadic action that inhibits scale production; induces evaporation at low temperature and low pressure; and separates contaminants from water in a single step.

To date, the feed wastewater sources processed through TOP™ have achieved >99% reduction of total suspended solids, total dissolved solids, bacteria, heavy metals, biochemical oxygen demand, fungi, pharmaceuticals, and nano materials;  all of which contribute to environmental stress, costly disposal, and a lost opportunity to mine valuable waste products economically. Wastewater is reduced by nearly 100% to achieve zero liquid discharge, an industry imperative and TOP™ is projected to cost 50% less than competitive technologies.

Micronic Plant Manager,

Tommy Davis, is fabricating 

Micronic field pilots.  


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