Analog/Digital Design Engineer

Micronic Technologies Wise County, VA

The responsibilities of the position include:

The ability to research, define, design, and prototype the various electrical control functions in our water purification system.

Candidate will layout circuit boards, cable assemblies and control chassis for the system.

Then documentation including schematics, block diagrams,assembles drawings; parts lists, sub-assembly and final checkout procedures,and trouble shooting guides will be required.

Applicant must interface withother engineers, technicians, researchers, assembly staff, vendors and customers on a continuous basis and be proficient in the use of standard tools and test equipment, microcomputer programming and debug hardware and PC’s for electrical design, control and monitoring functions along with normal office functions.

A basic understanding of the physics and chemistry of water and the ability to assemble and work with simple mechanical and plumbing assemblies are desirable.


The system includes these types of electrical components:

• Digital sensors and GPIO with serial and other interface circuits

• Discrete logic, programmable logic arrays and microprocessor ICs

• Data communications and internet hardware

• High and low current and voltage drive circuits and loads

• Analog sensors, OpAmps, ADC’s, DAC’s, signal conditioners andfilters

• Automatic and manual test and setup fixtures


• Bachelors of Science in Electrical/Electronics Engineering and/or

• AAS of Electrical/Electronics Engineering

Please send all resumes to Brianna Stallard, Operations Coordinator at: 


14570 Industrial Park Road

Bristol, VA 24202

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