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Micronic Technologies is a woman-owned small business established in 2008 to develop, patent, and commercialize an advanced state-of-the-art sustainable water desalination and purification technology.  Having gained the attention of Fortune 500 Companies, and secured five patents this early stage is poised to transform the water purification industry in ways unknown to the engineering body of knowledge. Micronic is now quickly moving toward the final product development, field pilots, and manufacturing planning stage of commercial-ization. With recently awarded grants and investor financing the company seeks to hire a dynamic, energetic, smart, and positive engineering manager that desires to make a huge difference by bringing a revolutionary water/wastewater cleaning technology to market by 2018!




This position oversees the development and implementation of design and manufacturing processes to maintain proper product functionality as well as cost efficiency; ensures the engineering and manufacturing personnel work together cohesively and is responsible for the development of equipment to aid in product development; leads and directs the work of assigned research and project engineers; functions as technical interface with Universities and other Strategic partners to enhance effective research for the benefit of commercializing the technology; and manages the supply chain.


Essential Functions


  • Develops and implements methods and procedures for monitoring projects such as preparation of integrated master schedules, research findings, progress reports, and staff meetings to ensure all are properly informed of current status of each project.

  • Working with the research, manufacturing, operations and quality personnel in ‘hands on’ capacity, reviews and monitors quality and process improvements and new product development.

  • Oversees key projects, processes and performance reports, data and analysis. Plans documentation system.

  • Supports design concepts and fundamental technology research of new products or improvement for existing ones.

  • Develops, determines and implements policies, procedures, and programs to ensure customers, both internally and externally are satisfied.

  • Ensures field pilot programs are executed in accordance with the technical, cost, and schedule requirements.

  • Plans and formulates aspects of research and development proposals such as objective or purpose of project, applications that can be used from findings, costs of project, and equipment and human resource requirements.

  • Selects, develops, trains and supervises staff.

  • Reviews production costs and product quality, and modifies production and inventory control programs to maintain and enhance profitable operations.

  • Implements material requirements planning (MRP) systems and ensures their use, maintenance, and improvement for production planning, scheduling and inventory control.

  • Reviews operations and plans to meet requirements for sales planning and to ascertain engineering requirements to develop new markets.

  • Recommends budgets to management, including staff use, technology, facility, and equipment requirements or improvements.

  • Negotiates contracts with consulting firms to perform research or other applicable studies or support.

  • Directs appropriate support for manufacturing and quality functions within the organization.


Key Competencies


  • Integrated team leadership

  • Project management in a creative and dynamic environment

  • Critical and creative thinking; problem solving/analysis

  • Technical capacity

  • Communication proficiency

  • Financial management


Qualification / Experience

  • 10 years experience in product engineering taking products from early stage to full product development and commercial market.

  • Up to date on the latest production development and manufacturing processes for industrial products.

  • Four-year degree in engineering.

  • Experience with CAD-Solidworks, CNC Milling, computer aided manufacturing software, data acquisition system design and operations.




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